About Dr. John Pollard

Which doesn’t even mention that during the late 60’s he was a regular on American Bandstand!

Dr Pollard
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Introducing Dr. Pollard

Dr. John Pollard is a lifelong student and educator whose professional life defines the term holistic healer. Throughout his career, he’s helped a variety of complex individuals with diverse Body, Mind, and Relationship problems by means of the innovative system he originated, called Generic Human Studies (see book.)

He is the creator of the psychological system called SELF-Parenting which became known in the psychology profession as “inner child work” during the late 80s. His book, SELF-Parenting was the original source showing both readers and the psychology profession how to recover from the negative aspects of “outer parenting” such as experienced by the Adult Children of Alcoholics.

His book How Relationships Work (HRW) introduced a completely original, extremely simple, yet supremely accurate explanation of how each of the 12 generic human relationships function in the “real world.” To enjoy better relationships you need to know how they were designed to work. HRW teaches you how to recognize dysfunctional relationship patterns and gives you the guidelines, tools, and strength to resolve problematic relationships.

As a chiropractor, he created Family Chiropractic Center, one of the first holistic health centers in Southern California, where he personally conducted over 20,000 patient wellness visits. During this time he created Articular Therapy (AT), a new form of myofascial bodywork treating the whole skeleton as a complete biomechanical system. AT combines specific methods of joint evaluation and massage with client exercises to ease patient symptoms and restore joint function.

As an expert in digestive problems Dr. Pollard shares the simple yet effective healing prescriptions in The Digestive Awareness Diet, which he used to heal a multitude of medical failures over a 30-year career. It educates the reader in a fun and easy way about each stage of digestive function. He also presents practical and common sense (mostly free) treatments for many classic digestive problems, such as heartburn, gallbladder problems, and constipation.

For the benefit of future generations of healers he codified his teachings in the concept known as Generic Human Studies, a concept so advanced no one understands it even today.